Token Sales resume on March 19.

So far you can purchase our tokens directly from our smart contract by sending any amount of ETH to our contract address:


It is our one and ONLY contract address. Please, verify its code with Etherscan. The contract will take your ETH and immediately send you the appropriate amount of TOON tokens in return. We recommend you to create separate Ethereum wallet for this purchase.

Please, send ETH ONLY (no USDT, wETH and other tokens), on Ethereum network ONLY (no BSC, AVAX, Polygon, etc) directly from your personal Ethereum wallet address ONLY (not from smart contracts, exchanges or fancy «custodial wallets»). Otherwise your money will VANISH.

The last time we checked the price was $... for 1 token

Remember, the price-per-token increases with each next token sold.

Soon on this page we will publish the links to the secondary markets on both Ethereum and Binance chains.

Once your transaction is complete, please, visit our Telegram bot for some really cool stuff.

Also after you obtained ToonCoin please go to your TOONCOIN PROFILE for governance.